accurate computer

Computer Hardware repair, upgrades. Computer Software upgrades and maintenance.
Computer Network repair loose connections, upgrades for speed, maintenance, installs, setup and design for speed and reliability.

Computer Security for viruses, backup, full hard disks, network firewalls.

Computer remote control for access from home, work or business, remote control for monitoring you alarm-security-camera system.
Save or backup your computer data first before updates or reloads or cleaning or loss of your operating system. You know how backups and restores work and the advantages, but its too much work. Use our technical assistance for advice and setup of automatic backup and restores to other computer, standalone storage servers and the internet cloud with unusually high security.
New parts with guarantee.
Our available references come from clients who are: self employed, work at home, software companies, attorneys offices, doctors offices, etc.

Trust your work to a true IT person who has over 25 years experience and BSEE degree in addition to certifications such as A+.

If you need a New computer or network at your Office or Home or You need your old one Faster, Organized, Untangled or Upgraded, call me.

If you want to use novel applications on your computer network like remote access from a remote computer, Remote appliance or hvac Control, Cloud use, TV or security or smartphone-tablet or Entertainment Systems integration, call me.

If your computer is slow and needs cleaning and upgrades (via RAM or hard drive), call me.