Computer Hardware repair, upgrades. Computer Software upgrades and maintenance.

Electrical Engineer, BSEE, IEEE member, A+ certified having 25 years experience providing services and solutions for any of your computer or computer network or IOT or automation (electronic locks) or security (alarm) problems or installs. For me the work is a profession not just a hobby.

Recovery after loss due to malicious programs. Speeding up computers that have gotten slow. Changed computer network setups for speed or loss with settings that are not well known by most techs.

Computer Network repair loose connections, upgrades for speed, maintenance, installs, setup and design for speed and reliability.

Computer Security for viruses, backup, full hard disks, network firewalls.

Computer remote control for access from home, work or business, remote control for monitoring you alarm-security-camera system.
Save or backup your computer data first before updates or reloads or cleaning or loss of your operating system. You know how backups and restores work and the advantages, but its too much work. Use our technical assistance for advice and setup of automatic backup and restores to other computer, standalone storage servers and the internet cloud with unusually high security.


  • Are you tired of your home or small business internet speed being much slower than your ISP says it is?
  • Have you tested routers and modems of various brands on your home or small business internet connected network, only to be disatisfied by your brand selection?
  • Have you added to your network too many computers, printers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, iphones, ipads, dvd players, internet tv’s, NAS, etc?
  • Are all most of the devices on your network using wireless wifi connections?
  • Have you tried to change your network router to the faster, better capable wireless Wifi N?
  • How often do you have to reset the router or modem on your home or business network?
  • How often does your home or business router and/or router reset itself?


  • Does your home or small business router, modem, voip-phone and other network devices USE surge protectors?
  • Does your home or small business router, modem and voip-phone have a battery backup, so that emergency phone calls can be made when the AC power goes out?
  • Does your home or small business router have at least password set?
  • Is your home or small business router and/or network in a location to close to your neighbors wireless network?


  • We can study your entire network as to what devices do and don’t need; updated wireless or wired network cards or adaptors and location.
  • In the case of wired network device location we can add the necessary wiring and hiding (routing behind or in walls or raceways or conduit) of cable.
  • In the case of wireless networks we can locate the sources of neighborhood interference and provide innovative solutions.
  • We can study your network for the proper and best network cabling.

We employ technicians that have backgrounds in other fields that can relate to the specialized problems your business may have.  BSEE, IEEE, Computer Electronics Engineer managed.

Trust your work to IT persons who have over 30 years experience and BSEE degree in addition to certifications such as A+.

If you need a New computer or network at your Office or Home or You need your old one Faster, Organized, Untangled or Upgraded, call me.If you want to use novel applications on your computer network like remote access from a remote computer, Remote appliance or hvac Control, Cloud use, TV or security or smartphone-tablet or Entertainment Systems integration, call me.If your computer is slow and needs cleaning and upgrades (via RAM or hard drive), call me.

Accurate Computer is an established IT services provider based in Alexandria, Virginia with extensive experience supporting small to medium sized businesses.

We work with small offices with a few computers looking to set up a network, or a larger office that that needs IT support from a company experienced in meeting the needs of a growing business.
We work and have experience with with small offices, small businesses, medium size business, work from telecommuters, business run from home, remote workers and individuals with a few to hundreds of computers.
Accurate Computer clients and available references and previous clients include: Law Firms, Patent Search firms, Automotive Mechanics, ENT Doctors, Work at Home professionals, Self Employed, individuals with home offices, Churches, Religious Organizations, Software companies, manufacturing, retail shops and software company offices
Accurate Computer is local and ready to assist in Arlington, Falls Church, Merrifield, Alexandria, Mt Vernon, Fort Belvoir, Lorton, Kingstown, Springfield, Burke and Woodbridge areas of Northern Virginia.
We are an IT support  company experienced in meeting the needs of a growing business.  We at Accurate Computer know that businesses  and individuals with home offices often need fast service, so we do not extend ourselves to areas of Maryland and Washington DC. when everyone knows what the traffic is like in the metropolitan area.
Accurate Computer provides a full range of IT services, including network administration & security & installation, Computer & Server data backup and recovery, on-site support, IT process and security audits, email hosting referrals and website creation referrals. 
Accurate Computer will personalize to the needs of your business & you will have direct access to our technicians whose first language is English. No call centers. No complex IT jargon. Just real business people offering real solutions. 
Example Prices

  • $25 per hour plus xx cents per foot for wiring ethernet, telephone or power, coax and TV cable for wiring installations of computer networks, cameras, sensors, phone, door access or locks, TV and streaming.
  • $25 per hour if changes or modifications of settings in your current router are needed.
  • New parts with guarantee.