Computer and Computer Network Services

See some examples of Computer and Network Service problems, solutions and upgrades we do and have done below.



Design, Install, Upgrade or Maintain your local area network
Setup Shared internet connection to your local area network
WiFi, Sharing, VOIP phone and bluetooth interconnections
Upgrade the speed of your computer hardware, software  and/or peripherals
Add or upgrade or increase your Security, virus protection and Firewalls.

software, hardware and network maintenance;
software, hardware and network installation;
advise and/or design on your software, hardware or network purchases;
and web site advise and/or creation.
We work on: Hardware: Network wiring, layout, outlets, patch panel, routers, modems, voip adaptors, switches, hubs; computers laptop, desktops, pda’s, iphone, tablets etc.
Software we work on: Operating systems (linux, MAC OSX, Windows), backup-restore, Office, Web sites and pages.

Custom build or design

Wiring and Cable needs:  Ethernet each computer is wired to hub or router combo hub at central location, cable is most expensive and specialized as to speed.  Phone line generally the same routing as ethernet but not as critical as type or cost.
What we do:
We install all the proper wiring necessary to connect all your computers including fishing through walls, jacks and cables between etc.
Each computer needs a Network Card (NIC). Ethernet or Phone line card or Wireless card in order to connect to the network via the wire or RF.  Alternately a USB to Ethernet or Phone line network or Wireless net converter is available
What we do:
Each computer has to be opened up to install the network card.  Then each computer must have drivers installed for the network card wh  Then each computer must have drivers installed for the network card which usually requires your Operating System disks.  Then each computer can be tested to be sure the installed card is working.
Hub needs:  all network systems need a hub, Can be combined in your firewall router. number of ports equals the number of computers except for wireless.  Cost is dictated by the number of ports and speed type requirements.  Cost of wireless is always high.
What we do:
The cables are collected together and plugged into the hub in a small system or patch panel and patch cables are used to organize the cables from all locations and computers so that each can plug into a separate port on the hub.  All connections from the ports on the hubs leading out to all the locations and computers through the patch panel (organizer) and all the jacks are tested electrically for network type signals.
At this point your local network is constructed physically.
Each one of your computers MUST be setup and configured through software for low level and even some high level features you might want Locally

What is it:
Local Area Network: The local area arrangement for connecting your computers inside the home or business.
There are generally five commonly used paths:

For small to medium size businesses (with 3 or less computers) $45 per month per computer for all labor involving maintainance, repair, upgrade of the computer and connected local area network excluding parts with a minumum of cleaning your computers every 3 months.

ethernet highest speed, high cost. most features, can use dedicated and nondedicated or embedded devices
phone line already exiting and lower cost wire less speed and features and less distance, noise
wireless high cost except for wire features are harder and call for mixed system slower, distance might be greater for a mixed system
Serial cable between two computers cable is expensive, distance is less Features very limited
Sneaker net exchange floppies distance = data loss and viruses

Repair, Upgrade, Setup and Install Software
Repair, Upgrade, Setup and Install
Computers we provide service for
Mac (Powerbooks, Legacy and PowerPC), All PC-Intel-AMD clone desktops and laptops, Amigas
OS’s we provide service for on the computers above

Amiga OS, MSDOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Linux, Netware
Software applications that we have serviced are too numerous to list.

Software Repair
Call something computer software repair seems to be little of a distinction but the examples below might clear that up. Repairs involving the OS of a computer are even harder to distingush between whether the problem is hardware or an OS that has its program corrupted (bytes of the program lost) or has bugs (errors in coding causing unintentional results).


Problem Solution or Test
I have installed AOL 5.0 and now my computer windows does not recognize the mouse.  The mouse freezes as soon as Windows loads.  You recieve adriver error saying that a dll cannot load mouse drivers. Windows 95 or 98 has to be reinstalled from your CD. Backup your data files using your keyboard although the reintall does not erase your files.
Windows NT does not recognize the printers physically located on Windows 98 machines on LAN. Win NT 4.0 does not recognize the passwords that Win 98 uses. Remove the passwords from the Win 98 machines.
A database program no longer operates as usual. It displays error messages about corrupted index. Download the utility program from the database software company that repairs or reconstructs the database index.

Here is a table of symtpoms and solutions or tests to be done on hardware, but note that the symptoms are of both the software and hardware type.


Symptom or problem solution or test
My Hard drive is very loud and noisy and applications often lock up. Check and replace hard drive and power supply.
My sound card is silent and I cannot connected to the internet and the LAN does not show up in network neighborhood. Check and replace the dual function sound and modem card.  Separate network card was adversely effected by the sound-modem card.
My machine has gotten slower and slower recently. Have you installed new software.  If so, use defragmentation software.

Software Upgrade and Installation We also provide services to install or upgrade your new software or OS. One reason you might call us for is consultation or work on an application or OS that failed to install or upgrade properly, which is also a type of software repair. Ordinarily you would consult with the software company that sold the software or OS first. We can help if that company is no longer in business or the software support people believe that your software or OS installation failure is related to hardware incompatibility or operation. We provide this service often in addition to the installation, design and build of a customer’s new computer.

Upgrades to Hardware that are often done

    • more power capable UPS or surge protection
    • faster (higher speed)or more RAM (nanoseconds, SDRAM, PC100, page mode, static column)
    • faster processor or cpu (AMD, Intel, Motorola, PowerPC etc.
    • faster motherboard (often facilitating faster CPU and faster RAM and faster video card and other periperal cards)
    • faster or larger video RAM Video on the video card


Local Area Network (LAN) connected even if only TWO computers are connected TOGETHER. If not go see our

local area network page

to see how we can help you with that!

Hopefully, you have or will have a broadband or high speed connection to the internet, otherwise sharing (simultaneous) even two computers on a dial-up 56k internet connection would be unusably slow.


  • We recommend a standalone dedicated firewall and router as it is Linux based which is known to be more bullet proof and faster than any Windows or MAC OS. The routing task needs the speed since you will be moving incoming internet packets amongst computers. embedded high-speed microprocessor 10/100Mbps ethernet LAN output (highest throughput)
  • We recommend that you are using or will be using at least two computers that are sharing in LAN like fashion, since one un-networked computer can be inexpesively protected by firewall software on the one computer.
  • We recommend that you are using or will be using a high speed, broadband connection cable, xDSL, sattelite, other wireless to the internet, since dial-up 56k is too slow for sharing though useful in backup situations. In all these situations we at Accurate Computer can help you prepare.
  • The sharing (routing) and firewall ()security) features are managed and set up by any computer with any browser
  • Another reason for recommending the standalone dedicated firewall and router is that it will be easier to diagnos network problems which may be external or internal.
  • Also, a standalone dedicated device has reliable flash nonvolatile flash memory for a holding configuration and avoids the failures of a computer even dedicated computer doing the same job having many external peripherals attached like floppy, hard drives, keyboards, mice, or monitors which can fail and stop the routing-sharing-firewalling.
  • TFTP for firmware upgrade over the internt

Share your broadband DSL/CABLE/Sattelite connection using only one IP address NAT.

WAN DHCP client for WAN port (even if your BB ISP uses dynamic IP

  • IP multicast IP/TV
  • DHCP for LAN port assigns all the fake IP addresses to the computers on network having DHCP clients Win, MAC Linux etc.
  • NAT network address translation ISP sees only one computer
  • Natural firewall
  • IP filtering firewall
  • virtual server firewall
  • Visible computer firewall setting
  • Menu driven telnet option




Your Broadband Internet Provider: Connect your modem to computer

Your provider provides a broadband connection by a Cable, DSL, or Satellite device called a modem, router, bridge or receiver.  It will have an (usually) ethernet (sometimes USB) connection to your single computer.  This is all you need to order from your broadband high speed internet provider.  You do not need to order more than one IP address or connection to the internet.  See below.

As far as your Broadband high speed internet provider is concerned you are connecting only to your single computer. If you already have some local area network designate one of the computers as the one to receive and get installed to the service provider. Perferably choose the one closest to the connection if you know where that is.

What we do: Connect your modem to router

  • Later, your modem, router, bridge or receiver are then connected to your firewall-router Internet Sharing device instead of your single computer. 
  • We then add the Internet Sharing device Firewall-Router which we connect to the Hub.
    This is were the internet ends and local area network begins ie. firewall.
    sharing firewall pics
  • During installation we will need information on the IP address (dynamic or static) of your single computer as it was connected to your broadband high speed internet provider and in some cases a gateway address or PPOE login information for your single computer. Your broadband provider:You do not need to order more than one IP address or connection to the internet.  The firewall-router or internet sharing device will provide what is know IP NAT.  This is a translation between all your computers different addresses to a single address.

    What we do:

  • We connect the router-firewall to your LAN or setup your LAN if you have not already.
  • Then each one of your computers MUST be setup and configured for low level and even some high level features of security and sharing both on the Internet and LAN. Check out the network features page.
  • AT this point your Internet-Sharing firewall-router device must be setup and configured for most if not all the features or needs you thought of above. 

    • Are you tired of your home or small business internet speed being much slower than your ISP says it is?
    • Is your home or small business internet speed slower than what it used to be?
    • Have you added to your home or small business network more computers, printers, pda’s, smartphones, telephones (voip, vonage), tablets, laptops, iphones, ipads, dvd players, Apple tv’s, internet tv’s, Tivo’s, Network storage devices than originally?
    • Are all the devices on your network using wireless wifi connections?
    • Do your house or small business guests often wish or require connection to your internet connection?
    • Have you tried to change your router to a supposed faster one?
    • Have you tried to change your network router to the faster, better capable wireless Wifi N?
    • Have you tried to change ALL your wirelessly connected network devices to Wifi N?
    • Have you tried to change all or some of your network connections between your devices and your router?
    • How often do you have to reset the router or modem on your home or business network?
    • How often does your home or business router and/or router reset itself?


    • Does your home or small business router, modem, voip-phone and other network devices OWN AND USE surge protectors?
    • Have you tried to change network router to a more reliable one?
    • Does your home or small business router, modem and voip-phone have at least a simple or dedicated battery backup, so that emergency phone calls can be made when the AC power goes out?
    • Does your home or small business router have at least password set WPA set up in your router?
    • Is your home or small business router and/or network sitting in a location to close to your neighbors wireless network?
    • Do you know how to add wired network connections between your devices and your router?
    • How often do you have to reset the router or modem on your home or business network?
    • How often does your home or business router and/or router reset itself?
    • Have purchased and installed routers and modems of various brands on your home or small business internet connected network, only to be disatisfied by your brand selection?

      • We have discovered which brands of routers and modems true reliability and speed.
      • We have discovered which firmware versions and types work best in those routers and modems.
      • The solution of  brand and firmware can depend on the size and expected speed of your home or small business network.
      • We can assess your entire network as to what devices do and don’t need surge-protectors, battery- backup, updated wireless or wired network cards or adaptors and location.
      • In the case of wired network device location we can add the necessary wiring and hiding of cable.
      • In the case of wireless network device location we can access and help avoid neighborhood wireless interference, not just from wifi but from cameras and security and cell phone.
      • In case of passwords and security not only add such solutions but provide or show the solutions to securely keep and store the passwords.
      • In the case of speed, we can access your speed between devices on your network and between the same devices and the internet and recommend and add changes to address those problems, even if due to outside interference such as nieghbors or yours other wifi, cameras or security devices.
      • In the case of security, we can provide the router and firmware or software that provides the best  and up to date firewall additions.  The same additions are assessed with relation to the outside interferences as well.
      • If a security and sometime speed issue involves the limitation of the use of the network devices in time or content, we can provide that solution as well.
      • If you are contemplating adding more devices, then we can assess you old network as to its ability to handle the larger data rates.
      •             IN CONCLUSIONWe have prices starting at $75 for an intial assesment that include all or most of theo conditions above.

        $210 for new router and cable modem and setup and installation, or $125 for routeralone, if those devices are deemed to provide improvement.

        $25 per hour and xx cents per foot, if long lengths of wiring ethernet, coax and TV are necessary.

        $25 per hour if changes or modifications of settings in your current router are needed.

        $25 per hour if short distances of wiring are required to relocate your router are needed.

      • connect every computer in your home, office, business, or SOHO (small office home office) through a single network firewall–router sharing device. Share your broadband speed between all your computers, at the same time link all your computers to the same printers, Zip drives, hard drives CDROM drives and other peripheral devices. Trade files among computers in your home or business.

        With our flexible network configurations and solutions with field tested choice of off-the-shelf brand name router and secure, reliable firmware, we can help you choose exactly the right system, connections and devices for your needs.

        Share the Speed with all

        No more waiting in line to get online. No more “rock, paper, scissors” to decide who gets to use the printer. No more trudging up the stairs, floppy disk in hand, to share files (sneaker net).  Having all your computers share one single high speed, broadband connection to the internet is just one sharing element.  See our list ofSharing Features .

        Save Time 10:00, Save Money $$$
        Save money because you do not have to buy extra services from your broadband provider. By sharing your broadband connection with all your computers, as well as printers and other devices, you save money and get everything, all your computer work, done faster. Save money by sharing one printer .
        Stay Secure

        Accurate Computer’s Internet Sharing Networking firewall–router solution includes a premium network security solution (brand name standalone Firewall-router sharing device which has been tested against all other brands for Security, speed and reliability and includes the best known and secure firmware in existence in today’s market) to keep unwanted electronic intruders far away from your private files. With Accurate Computer, setting up a home or business network couldn’t be simpler. We help one to choose the right components and connect your network quickly. Protect your computers for hacker attacks or viruses eg. code red virus now and in the future

        Get Support

        No one gives better service and support than Accurate Computer. Once your network is up and running, we’ll be there to provide award-winning support.

        Upgrade Internet Connection Hardware:
      • OLD We add the latest version of 56k analog modems (modems that connect over ordinary phone line). These days the upgrade is for backup.
      • OLD We can connect dual 56k modems for 114k baud data rates.
      • OLD We can ISDN TA (terminal adapter) modems (these connect to special digital phone lines provided by the local   phone company). We can help find your ISDN ISP as well as interface with your telephone company providing the ISDN line.
      • OLD We can add an xDSL modem or bridge (x as in many varieties) (more often a network card is also required which can install into the computer and setup the drivers for) (can share a ordinary phone line or have a dedicated phone line)
      • We can add Cable  modem (most information would depend on the local cable tv companies servicing your area, but there are some standards in analog and digital types) (more often a network card is also required which can install into the computer and setup the drivers for) (can share a ordinary phone line or have a dedicated phone line)
      • We can add and setup satelite modem (like above shares the line with TV signal) 

FEATURES of Networked Computers

Local and Internet Work from home, establish small to large business, use any or all of the features below
Local Play networked multi-player games over your local network with a few friends you know and invite to your place.
Internet Play networked multi-player games over the internet with your few friends and many others around the world, regardless of location.
Local Share Expensive laser printers or color deskjet  printers for all in the business and family
Internet Share commercial print services online thus you can print from anywhere in the world and not buy overly exspensive printer at home or business.  Printers include dye sub magazine like output or color laser printers or large quantity high speed printers
Local Share very large, expensive, fast hard drives on your larger, faster fixed Computers
Internet Share data storage at commercial data storage sites or Web Sites online.
Internet Share the creation, design, use, etc of your web site, emails  etc.
Internet Share multimedia such as radio, music and video for everyone
Local Share any and all data on storage devices on any computer.
Local Share the Control and operation of any and all computers on network.  A great learning tool. Public domain programs are available.  Work on more than one task at a time using more than one computer.
Local Share CDROM, CD-RW, DVD and dvd movies, ZIP, JAZ, Tape or any other backup devices.
Local Share all files between your laptop or pda with all your fixed computers.
Local Share printers, backup devices, servers and large storage devices that have dedicated or direct connections to network.
Internet Share your hard drives data spaces for others online or restrict for your self, access your to computers operation or data from remote.  (VPN and remote access and remote control)
Internet Use Voice over IP phone connections for free or cheap long or local distance voice phone access (Vonage Net2Phone etc) Computer to Computer or Computer to Phone etc) Computer to Computer or Computer to Phone.  Save money on long distance and local phone service.
Internet Use commercial FAX and  voice mail services
local Share Fax through one computer connected to one phone line via modem or multifunction device


  • Add larger, new or additional fixed hard drives, faster CDROM drive, CDR (cd recordable), CDRW (read and write ie. optical removable drives), DVD(additional video decoders for movies), DVD RAM, 1or 2 Gig JAZ, 100 or 200 Meg ZIP, Superdrive (100M or 1.44 floppies), Orb (2Gig removable) or Tape drives.
  • Add sound card and speakers
  • 15 to 21″ CRT monitors, 14 to 19″ LCD or flat panel monitors
  • Scanners, cameras and other digitizers.
  • Laser, inkjet and wax thermal and dye sublimination printers
  • Peripherally connected equipment monitor, speakers, printers, modems, network cable, microphones, external storage drives etc

Hardware Repair:

no video or audio
indication of opperation
Surge protector or UPS or power plug first
no video or audio
indication of opperation
Power Supply of computer tested second
Some noise, no audio or video
Some noise, some audio beeps, some video ROM, CMOS RAM, Battery for CMOS (occurring on bootup)
more noise, expected audio beeps, expected video, no OS Hard drive, CDROM, Removable drive, floppy drives and thier media  (tested with software and visual inspection, typical nonfunctioning or frozen on boot up or later during application)
more noise, expected audio and video next step, no OS Periperal cards (tested with software and visual inspection, typical nonfunctioning or frozen on boot up or later when external device is accessed)
OS loads but imcompletely or fails often after first application loaded RAM  (if bad noted power up tests, freezes in OS, or other OS errors while applications are running, tested with software and external device)(application and OS software has to be her OS errors while applications are running, tested with software and external device)(application and OS software has to be ruled out)
more noise, no audio or video or often fails after OS loads Motherboard  (above tested, freezes in OS, or other OS errors while applications are running, tested with software)(application and OS software has to be ruled out)
same as motherboard CPU or processor (above tested, freezes in OS, or other OS errors while applications are running, tested with software)(application and OS software has to be ruled out)